Request Section

We got very good response from the gamer’s all over the world after opening this section.
Purpose of add this page is so you guys can let us know which game or software you would like us to add/upload to our archive.

We are group of few peoples at the moment, But your requests & feedback’s are important for us, Our goal is to take this site to a level where everyone can find any games they like. Only then we will be able to call this site a Digital Park for Gamers.

Looking for a favorite games?,  just comment below with the game information:

Required Information for a Request :

Game Name:
Region :
Platform :
Rom Type (Format):

Game Name: Hyrule Warriors Legends
Region : EUR, JPN or USA
Platform : Nintendo 3DS
Rom Type (Format): CIA, 3DS, or Decrypted, PS VITA VPK Etc.

We will try our best to add that game to our archive as soon as possible.


  1. Use the search button from the right sidebar, and make sure that game is not posted already.
  2. We will try our best to upload/complete every request, but if we cant dont blame us that we didn’t, There Could be Many Reason for That, Maybe its not available or not compatible with the Emulator or Device you are trying to play with, just enjoy the huge collection we have here on this site, thousand’s of games available, you will not die for 1 game right? Come on its not the end of the world….

Request Rules:  (Must Read)

  1. Please make only 1 request at a time. before we complete your 1st request don’t make another.
  2. One User 1 Request at a time, Multiple Request Will be Deleted, and If you Spam This Page with TOO Many Request then You Will be Banned from the Comment System.
  3. (Only 3DS, Switch and PSVita Requests are open, all other categories are off for now) – Updated on 17th November 2019
  4. Newly released 3DS games request is fully open, Any 3DS games you can request from now on (Updated 8th August 2018).
  5. Not taking any request for Android, PC Games & WII U ISO (Loadiine), Will stay off.
  6. 3DS DLC/Update Requests is Open Now, But We will decide which one to Upload, Don’t Force Us – (The Ziperto Team) will ignore the request.
  7. Nintendo Switch Game Request is Open from now on, (Updated on 16th November 2019)
  8. Other ROM/ISO or This Type of Sites Linking or Promotion is Totally Forbidden/Not Allowed, for this comments will be deleted without any warning.

Requests is open again from 3rd January 2020